Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Greatest

I am a huge sucker for cheezy romantic comedies, so I recently watched 17 Again. It was delightful. In fact it was so delightful, I watched it twice in one week. What I really loved though, was when Leslie Mann dances with Zac Efron. The song they dance to is called The Greatest by Cat Power. It is so beautiful.


Janine said...

I just watched it too...and liked it. My favourite part was the beginning dance before the bball game in his "original" high school years.

Shimmy Shake said...

I enjoyed as well - although I want to make sure you know...she is too old for him. Just joking - I know it was actually the older him and he wasn't just a teenager. Gosh I am funny. Love the song.

mskaz said...

Please excuse me as I out myself as a creepy old woman, but Zac Efron is the best thing since George Michael 1985 era. I *loved* this movie. It was only sad at the end when he turned back into Chandler. Hahah.

Love the song too.